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[News] 2 years time received "Asia Best Group"

[2008-12-08] Taiwan popular idol group Lollipop Bang Bang Tang after finish their performance at 45th Golden Horse Award they immediately fly to Hong Kong for their autograph event. Their autograph event attracted more than 1000 fans. Being critise that their poor Cantonese pronunciation they replied that they will often come to Hong Kong and practice.

Yesterday Lollipop arrived at Hong Kong for their “Let’s Dance Lollipop Party Autograph Event”, first floor and second floor was surrounded with fans, the 6 boys played games with the fans and fans took the chance to hug and touch their idols. Last week it was Lollipop’s 2nd year anniversary, a fan gave them a frame which had “Asia Best Group” written on it hoping that they can continue being famous.

When asked if they did any mistake for the performance at Golden Horse Award, Xiao Jie replied that during rehearsal he hit himself with the num-chucker and Ao Quan said “While I was on the stage I almost got distracted by Shu Qi.” Being critise about their poor Cantonese pronunciation during the performance, Lollipop replied “This way we have to come to Hong Kong more.”

About their debuted for 2 years Lollipop said that because they are too busy so they didn’t celebrate but had dinner with the manager. Rumours about Lollipop, Hey Girl and Mo Fan Qi Bang receiving $1,500,000 (HK currency) for the New Year Eve countdown, they joking made a “wow” sound and Wei Lian said “People only have 2 legs, but money has 4 legs, so money runs faster than people.”

As there’s a turn down in the economy, reporters asked if their reward has drop. The 6 of them replied they don’t know but the manager beside them said their reward at Singapore was the best during the 3 years for Asian artist. Another rumour about Gold Typhoon offering Lollipop a chance to open a concert at Hong Guang to continue the contract, Lollipop said “We are happy if we can open a concert at Hong Kong Hong Guang, so much feel performing at Hong Kong and fans are really passion.”

Translated by Choco-late

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