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[News] Too busy to find a girlfriend

[2008-12-21] On the 21st December popular idol group Lollipop came on Hunan TV as guest, they were happily talking to the host about interesting things happened to their daily life. Most surprisingly is that these 6 flower boys are still single.

Facing these 6 handsome boys the host must gossip a bit, the most surprising is that the 6 boys are still single at the moment. “We’re too busy and we don’t have holiday, how can we find a girlfriend.” This is what Lollipop said and took a chance to express their thoughts, “Last year we only got 1 day off.” As their schedule is tight a lot of the celebration days they cannot return home and was spent together with other members including Valentine Day. “While walking on the street, there are couples all around us. It gives us a strange feeling.” What’s more of a crack up is that A Wei got affected by the atmosphere and accidentally called Ao Quan “Baby” in public.

When asked who would be first, everyone pointed to Wei Lian because he is more the “house” type. Afterward the host asked who would be first to buy a house and car, Lollipop answer was still Wei Lian. Also Wei Lian has already achieved his wish to buy a car just for the sake to take his parents around.

Translated by Choco-late


Anonymous says
25 August 2010 at 10:56 am

i thought Wang Zi couple with Gui Gui...or maybe Xiao Xun.. =)