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[News] No fear of the cold weather, feeling warm inside

[2008-12-21] Yesterday popular Taiwanese group Lollipop held their autograph event for HTQXZ OST at “Le Di Da Mu Zhi” shopping centre. The 2nd floor which was supposedly for the autograph session was over crowded with 2000 fans, at the end the only choice was to change to the shopping centre place.

Composing “Cang Jing Ge

Recently Lollipop has been participating in various award ceremonies and events, not longer ago they appeared as guest in Fan Wei Qi’s concert. Yesterday reporters asked if the rumor of Fanfan and Hei Ren getting marry was true, they avoided answering it and said “During the concert we cheered so that Hei Ren kisses Fanfan but at the end we all a kiss from Fanfan.” Lollipop member Ao Quan and A Wei has been starring in a movie “Re Xue Tong Meng” produced by Gold Typhoon.

The HTQXZ OST album includes of 5 new songs, the hit song “Cang Jing Ge” has a Chinese style that Lollipop have never tried before. As a result of this wonderful song the lyrics was written by Xiao Jie. Lollipop was very proud about it and asked the fans “Who wrote ‘Cang Jing Ge’?” They were pleased with the passionate response by the fans.

Fans passionate response in the cold

Yesterday thousands of fans came early to see their favourite idol, the 2nd floor where the autograph session was, was over crowded with fans. All of the fans’ community brought out their banners and boards while waiting for Lollipop. In the afternoon just before the autograph session starts as there was too many fans, the only choice was to change to a bigger place for the event which was outside the shopping centre. Lollipop’s hands were already frozen and numb after 2 hours of signing they said “We just have to keep on signing so that our hands stay warm.”

Although the weather is very cold but Lollipop happily thanked the fans for their support in this cold weather. Even though their bodies are cold but inside their heart they felt very warm.

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