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[News] Lollipop response of "being vaunt" rumor

[2008-12-21] Lollipop has always portrait the “good boy” image but their trip to Wu Han has caused a rumor of “being vaunt”. Yesterday at Hao Le Di KTV Da Mu Lollipop innocently expressed that they always have well manners and not being vaunt. Manager also explained “How are they being vaunt if they even eat at normal restaurants.”

On the 18th Lollipop held their autograph event at Wu Han, afterward the local reporters expressed that they were late for an hour and they have low popularity. To this Lollipop innocently replied “We always have good manners, from debut to now our manager always tells us to behave. Anywhere we’ve been to we have to thanks the staffs that helped us; we could not have done that sort of things.” Lollipop’s manager also explained that low popularity is not true, although they can’t guarantee that their popularity is high but the truth was not like what it said in the article which there’s only 5 fans. About being an hour late, the manager replied “We were running the event according to our schedule. 3pm for line up, 4pm signing. To be honest Lollipop arrived before 4pm.”

Yesterday Lollipop signed 2000 copies of their own album; this proved their popularity in Shanghai. Also next year during July they’re be in Hong Shi Kan. With the show “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” the boys are getting close in popularity to their seniors F4 and Fahrenheit. China also has a lot of selecting super stars contest, Lollipop was also selected from a variety show but so they still has the “original” flavor in them. But this is one reason why a lot of people like them, A Wei admit that up right now they still ride a motor bike to work and after work they would eat at a normal restaurant near their house. Manager said Lollipop has kept a habit that most artists wouldn’t do, which is to carry their own luggage whenever out on trip. Even at airport they would push their own luggage cars.

Regarding to their future Lollipop are facing the reality of it “I know we are popular now but in future our popularity will drop. We won’t take this career for the rest of our lives, we would slowly find out what we like to do and will do it.”

Translated by Choco-late

I read that article where it said all bad things about Lollipop but I didn't translate it. Anyways that reporter must have a grudge against Lollipop or something to make such things up.

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