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[News] Ao Quan clarifies: We don’t disband!

[2008-12-23] Popular Taiwanese band Lollipop arrived at China to promote their “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” OST album, this caused many fans seeing the new generation style of young idols.

On the 23rd December Lollipop was on Teng Xun Entertainment as guest, the 6 of them played a chemistry game and compete who’s more handsome. After A Wei got complicated looking like Jerry Yan within an hour the other members created a lot of nicknames for him. During the end of the interview, as we heard of the shocking news that leader Ao Quan might leave the group, Ao Quan took the chance to clarify that “Ao Quan will not leave Lollipop, this was decided before please don’t be mistaken.” The 6 members expressed that they will experience different things and head towards things they are interested in, will have individual works but never disband.

Bejing minis degrees, the warmth of fans’ passion

Beijing is Lollipop 4th stop, Ao Quan and A Wei just finished filming “Re Xue Tong Meng” they were the first ones to taste the coldness. So Ao Quan kept nagging the other members to wear more clothes. But as Wang Zi didn’t listen he was surprised at the coldness in Beijing, “Fans are really nice they’ve given me mini heaters. I didn’t know it would be this cold but my heart is warm every time I heard the song ‘Beijing welcomes you’.”

Chemistry test, “Yan Cheng Wei” is the most handsome

Selected from the show “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang”, Lollipop has debuted for 2 years and now has become a popular idol in Asia. They normally live together and work together how is these 6 boys’ chemistry between each other? To let fans know more about their idols, the host Kiki especially prepared some questions to test their chemistry.
As A Wei got compliment that he looks like Jerry Yan he was known the most handsome, Ao Quan who’s the oldest and need to save up was known as the stingiest. Every time A Wei can make Hey Girl laugh he was told to demonstrate it. About whose the most self-obsessed, they all reveal each other secrets. Xiao Yu Wei Lian revealed that Wang Zi keep on looking at the mirror, A Wei said Wei Lian have some weird confident who thinks he’s the most handsome. In one of the games they played, Lollipop uses their bodies to send the message “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan”, all the different type of poses made the atmosphere livelier.

Wang Zi has more feel towards Xiao Xun, must find a temperament type girlfriend

The youngest member in Lollipop and has an aristocracy feel is most liked by girls. His ideal “princess” type is temperament type of girl and he doesn’t mind if the girl is older. When discussed about the difference between the two partners in “Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo” and “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhun Wang Zi expressed that with Gui Gui it’s the sweet couple type while with Xiao Xun as they have kissed passionately in the drama he has a deeper impression.

As the 6 boys are still single each of them reveals their favourite type of girls. Wei Lian said he likes cute and quiet girls, while Ao Quan said he likes mix , Xiao Jie said he likes Maggie Q type and Xiao Yu refute Wang Zi’s ideal type as he said “99% of the temperament type are fake, I like sexy type with character.” With this Wang Zi expressed that he’ll find whose real.

Looking forward to 2009 Asia tour concert, Lollipop will not disband

Lollipop Beijing autograph was held on the 24th December and they are currently preparing their Asia tour concert. During the interview Lollipop revealed that in the holidays of 2009 they will release a brand new album afterward they will focus on the tour concert. They expressed that the first stop would be Hong Kong then next is China; hope Beijing is included as well. These 6 boys are currently working hard to achieve their dreams, please look forward to them and wish them good luck!

Translated by Choco-late

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