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模范棒棒堂 2008.12.01 2008 棒棒堂班長大選!!!

A Wei and Xiao Yu is the host for this episode, who will be the class leader?Although it's good to see them hosting on the show but it is expected they don't get to say much things.

It seem like this was all for gimmicks because the class leader is still Ah Liang. I guess if they change class leader it would look bad on Ah Liang as if he didn't do a good job for it.

Yi Teng was so crazy in this episode, kept screaming for Ah Liang. What's wrong with his voice? Sounds cracked. I must say he was the only one who was into it and was making funny points that made me cracked up laughing. But I guess he have over done it, he seem like a bitch when he screamed so much especially when someone else tries to talk.

The didis sitting on the first row were expressionless, when each of the contestants said why they should pick him they didn't even have any reaction. I felt sorry for Hu Ya who don't get any support (except for Dui Zhang who probably wants to improve his dancing) and Yi Teng said "So what if he's good at dancing" sounds bitchy for a split second I reckon Hu Ya should just leave MFBBT.

Ah Liang was really serious and aplogising what he did before (even though I don't know what he even did or said) and A Man was playing the sad role, it was funny. Yao Yao even came on the show to support A Man.

The result wasn't excited at all and I don't care because I kind of guessed it that it would be like last time in Season 1 where Ao Quan was the leader again. So this time it would be the same.

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