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Ai Dao Di - Coming Soon!

I'm sure everyone is excited about the movie starring Wang Zi (and other 7bang members).
This movie will show on 2009.02.13, valentine day!

As I have said before this movie consists of 4 short stories, they include:

  1. 我愛你,再見
  2. 三聲有幸
  3. 連命都不要的人
  4. 第六號瀏海 <-- Wang Zi is starring in this story
The cover is nothing really special but I never thought Wang Zi would be on the cover, despite filming along with other famous actors/actress he sure took a pretty big spot on the cover.
I was pretty surprise to see Xiao Ma, Wei Yu, A Ben, Xiao Lu and Li Quan also took part in this movie and more surprise that they were included in the cover!

I'm excited to see this movie actually I'm just excited at the story that Wang Zi is in, I only know that Wang Zi's character in this movie is acting as a super hot guy other than that I have no idea what he'll be like. So looking forward to this!


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