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青春點點點 2008.10.07 棒棒堂電台宣傳

Wasn't able to find this before but heard about it while browsing the woo forum. Only 3 came Wang Zi, Wei Lian and Xiao Yu.

First of all they sang a happy birthday song to Wei Lian, A Wei and Ao Quan. Afterward they started talking about the album and also the filming of the drama. Wang Zi talked a lot because the two who usually talk (Xiao Jie and A Wei) is not here. Xiao Yu sure does care about who get to kiss and who doesn't as he mention it again.

After Cang Jing Ge they continue talking, also talked a bit of MFBBT the guy host said that the new didis are boring. The hosts also asked about their own album because this one is OST not actual album they said this year they won't be releasing an album have to wait until next year. Then talked about what they are planning to do, they said they are currently preparing for Fanfan's concert as guests. Other than that they are also preparing for other big concerts performance.

After another song they had the live call in, the first girl was calm asked a couple of questions. The 2nd girl wanted to talk to Xiao Jie but Xiao Jie isn't on the show so they hand up on her afterward. It feels a bit awkward when the fans called in because when they had nothing to talk it's just dead silent. The 4th girl who called in was the admin of Wang Zi's section in woo forum, she asked if Wang Zi still attend school and Wang Zi replied he will after promoting HTQXZ then she asked don't you have to film Ai Dao Di. Then Wang Zi replied after that I will attend school, everyone was laughing.

Afterward they put Dear Baby on and that's all there is of the radio interview.

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