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哪里5打抗 2008.10.12 WOO燈獎PK賽

Time sure flies when I'm relaxing and I'm back to college today!

They are slowly changing the show a bit, looks like they gotta make it more interesting that's why they changed in this episode. This time the guest is not Er Jun anymore it's Hei Girl.
Andy ge was cute in this episode, first got said that he's learning back flip which is weird. Not like he needs it but it's funny. Then while Qiu liao shi was talking he kept showing Hei Girl's album like promoting it.

There were lots of performances, I like the little girls' performance they were amazing to dancing like that in such a young age.

For the play, A Ben finally appeared on show. I think this play was the most funniest out of all. I was actually cracking up especially the part when they said "A, B, C" and pointing towards Apple.

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