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[News] Wei Lian's 21st Birthday, touched from sister's birthday card

[2008-10-07] Who can make Wei Lian cry? The answer is his little sister! Yesterday while filming WDQCK to give Wei Lian a deep birthday memory, staffs and shui shui together fooled Wei Lian. At the end presenting a big surprise, the surprise was Wei Lian's beloved little sister to celebrate his birthday with him. Wei Lian was touched and almost cried.

The plan started with Ding Ding complaining why Wei Lian checking her bag for no reason, then the two buddies Xiao Quan and Bebe started a fight Wei Lian was trying to stop them. While Wei Lian and Mao Di interviewing Seven, Seven rejected answering and hope Wei Lian can change the questions. Staffs who was responsible for filming started scrolling Seven and she immediately cried. Seeing this Wei Lian jumped out to help Seven and didn't know the girls was smiling behind me.

While the act is getting wild Wei Lian's sister suddenly appeared holding a birthday cake Wei Lian then realise he was fooled. He smiled and said "I thought it was weird that so many things happened today". Not able to see his sister for a long time Wei Lian was extremely happy and was wiping cream on her face. His sister prepared a birthday card and Wei Lian read it out loudly to everyone. When he read up to "Last time we had a fight I was scared you'll never talk to me again, I know you work hard to earn money, I promise I won't waste money. I just want to say I love you brother, I'm proud of you!" Wei Lian who was happily reading slowly his voice became softer and softer. His sister beside him was already crying which made him almost cried as well.

Seeing this emotional scene all the shui shui also cried as well. But they still used this chance to bully Wei Lian, each of them used the cream to draw on Wei Lian's face leaving a interesting picture.

Translated by Choco-late

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