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哪裡5打抗 2008.10.05 超了不起小學生才藝PK賽

This show is getting more entertaining than before because of the good performance from the contestants. This time the topic is talented kids, it's always amusing to see little kids with such amazing talents.

All of the contestants was awesome! Once again Wang Zi was mention on the show, did anyone realize that lately shows in Channel[V] mention Wang Zi quite a lot like MFBBT, WDQCK and Na Li 5 Da Kang. It's funny how when they asked the little girls who they like and both of them said Wang Zi, but since Wang Zi is not here the hosts would go "What about Mao Di?"
Wang Zi is so loved by little kids, he should host a kids program.

The B-Boy kid was really cute, he's got the B-Boy attitude when he's top rocking. The kid was really cute when he's like provoking Xiao Lu when they were having the locking battle. All the kids were amazing but the winner is only 1, the winner was the che ling kid.

The play this time is a parody of Detective Conan, Li Quan as Conan which is too tall. So the story is how stole Ao Quan's money? The narator I think it's Xiao Lu, sounds like it. Quite annoying when he kept on repeating that line and Ao Quan had to do the expression. Does anyone know why Apple is always being called moon face? This was quite funny.

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