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黑糖群俠傳 - Ep12

So sad, it's going to end next week!

This was a good episode, for the first time they shown the fatherly and son love of the principle and Ling Hu. I like the part where they talked in the hospital and also the part where they shown back how the principle found Ling Hu.

So continue on from previous episode Ying Ying and Ling Hu finally found bing fo dan but was so easily given to Dong Fang Bu Bai in order to save Liu Xiang and Cang Tai. Luckily all of them didn't get major injure and was slowly recovering. For the first time after parting so long Guo Jing and Ling Hu met again, Guo Jing felt sorry but Ling Hu has already forgiven Guo Jing. Then Jian Ning appeared, I thought that part was really cute really shows the botherly and sister love.

The principle then asked Ling Hu to come back to Xi Chen saying how father would love to have their son beside them. Ling Hu cannot reject so agreed to come back.

On the other side Jian Ning support Ying Ying to bravely confess to Ling Hu first instead of Ling Hu making a move first. Ying Ying took the advice and bravely confessed in front of Ling Hu, Ling Hu didn't show any sign of accept and just said that Liu Xiang is a good guy. It is obvious that Ling Hu likes Ying Ying but as he thinks he doesn't have the power to protect someone he likes so he rather be alone.

Things just keep coming and coming, no long after the principle was murdered by Lu liao shi. Lu liao shi is also the trader of Xi Chen, his desire to become No.1 has made him betray Dong Fang Bu Bai as well. Now that he got Bong Fang Bu Bai against him I think that's why he's training back the students.

Right at the end Guo Jing found out that the trader is Lu liao shi and once again Cang Tai was hyptonised to get Yi Jin Jing. So what will happen in the next episode? Will Xi Chen defeat Dong Fang Bu Bai? Will Ling Hu and Ying Ying finally get together? Must watch next episode!

Preview of the last episode! Xiao Jie, Wei Lian and other Hei Girl members are all in the last episode.

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