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[News] Lollipop creative kuso answers

A Wei's poor Chinese wrote "hong xing (杏) chu qiang" as "hong xing (姓) chu qiang".

Leader Ao Quan wrote "zhu luan dan" when asked what part of the pig is "wu hua rou".

[2008-10-14] Hot rising star Lollipop has fast reaction but their level of Chinese aren't flexible at all. A Wei wrote the phrases wrong when it's "weng zhong zhuo bie" he wrote it as "weng zhong zhi bie", also wrote "hong xing (杏) chu qiang" as "hong xing (姓) chu qiang". Leader Ao Quan aren't good as well, when asked "楚河漢界的由來時" he replied "陳楚河和陳漢典", everyone was crack up laughing.

To test that good looking guys are also smart, yesterday while on a programme they were tested on their Chinese, history, natural instinct, P.E. and entertainment 12 questions altogether. But a lot of answers made everyone crack up laughing. When asked during war time who ran the fastest? A Wei replied the character in Forest Gump.

The most funniest was Ao Quan when he was asked "棋盤中的楚河漢界是因哪兩人鬥爭而來的詞?" he randomly replied "就是陳楚河和陳漢典". Also during the common sense question "What part of the pig is wu hua rou?" Ao Quan replied "zhu luan dan" and said he have ate it so he knows. Sitting beside him was the elgant Wang Zi was laughing unstoppable and not caring about his image.

Translated by Choco-late

I wonder what kind of programme this was, it sound really funny. And sorry about some of the translation especially the history questions, it's hard to translate so I just put the Chinese in.

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