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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

模范棒棒堂 2008.10.06 六棒真心話大考驗

Lollipop is back again it's good to see them back but then again it feels weird as well to see them coming so closely.

Lollipop appearing in the studio, they are funny as usual and it was ruin by Xiao Jie because he fell but that's what makes it funny. This time the topic is to guess what each member of Lollipop is thinking. So the show will show up a question to each member and the didis will have to guess what Lollipop members wrote.

First off is Ao Quan the question is "Who can become the next super star?" A Liang wrote himself and said he'll do it good for the sake that he's the class leader. Funny how when Dui Zhang picked A Pang and the keyboard teacher put the sound "Impossible" on. Some didis was then to show their talent to Ao Quan hoping Ao Quan could pick them, A Liang was really trying hard to get Ao Quan's pick. But Ao Quan choose A Man at the end. A Man singing was pretty good way better than that time he sang Yao Yao's Dummy Run song.

Next is A Wei the question "Who is the next breaking king?" A Wei said it doesn't matter if you already know how to or a total noob just like how he taught Xiao Ma and Wei Lian. Wei Lian was then cue to show a freeze. You Zi said himself and Xiao Jie said at first You Zi learns quicker than him but he gave up while Xiao Jie kept learning. When asked what's the basic criteria for breaking A Wei said "Power". So didis who think they are power came down to show their man power. Hu Ya one was shocking although he's skinny but he's actually really strong, Xiao Xiao surprised me he did a hand stand push up, I really do think Xiao Xiao got potiental.

Xiao Yu's question is "Who can be his best friend?" This is funny, they all like saying how even though they've been living together for a long time but sometimes it feels like they aren't that friend with him. Xiao Jie was like you can be friend with him only for a while, out of the 5 Xiao Jie is the closest to him. As Xiao Le picked Tan Ke so Tan Ke was cued to have a little conversation with Xiao Yu. Tan Ke started the topic with music then Xiao Yu was asking if he has MSN and told him to give it to Xiao Jie. I totally cracked up when he said give it to Xiao Jie and I'll ask him about it later, Xiao Jie's face was so funny. Then Lollipop was joking saying Tan Ke should start talking about mahjong or say "my sister is pretty". First he choose You Zi then he asked a mahjong question, only a few got it right. Because Xiao Bang don't know how to play so he just wrote anything, then Lollipop all joked saying Xiao Yu will cheat him money. So at the end he changed his mind to Xiao Bang. He started calling Xiao Bang as Xiao Xiao, then the MSN part again telling him to give his MSN to Xiao Jie.

Next up is Wang Zi the question is "If Wang Zi is the manager who would he sign?" He said the criteria must be loved by audience and so far all the didis look pretty good. The didis start writting their own answer, ABC wrote Xiao Gu but I don't think Xiao Gu is that good looking or cute. For once Da Da said something funny on the show when he was explain why he pick Xiao Hu. First Wang Zi wrote Xiao Le, then he asked who think they have the requirements to stand here Fanfan then rephrase it and said who think they have the best smile come out. It was suppose to be a few didis but it turned out all of them came down. So they were to walk up to the camera and smile. Supposely Xiao Le is the last one but Wang Zi joined in and immediately Xiao Jie was like "It's none of your bussiness!" But Wang Zi continued sending his electric waves to the audience, Fanfan is so funny and cute when she started licking. After that Wang Zi changed his answer to Eason.

Xiao Jie always get the toughest question, "Who will be eliminated?" Xiao Jie first wrote 3 names and the didis starting to talk harsh things and not only good things. Xiao Gu was picked from a couple of didis saying that he doesn't have talents. A question then was asked by Xiao Jie "Put your hands up if you think you put a lot of effort on this show?" This was a tough question, on the side Lollipop they were saying even Wang Zi wouldn't dare to put his hand up. At the end only A Pang brave enough to put his hand saying that other things that didis doesn't want to do he'll do it even if people say bad things about him online he'll just be himself. That was well said! He is probably the only one so far not care about his image and open up. The end Xiao Jie choose Da Da as he was suspecting something from him because Li Quan and Wang Zi said he's funny.

Lastly Wei Lian "Who can be Wei Lian's brother in law?" Everyone should know that Wei Lian really love his sister but his sister likes A Wei. Then Wei Lian was joking saying his sister now rent a room living by herself and got into the same university as A Wei. They all making fun of A Wei either short or square face. The didis then wrote their answer down, Xiao Le wrote A Pang and before he could fully explain he was cut off. Wei Lian then asked how many girlfriend they have before. Dui Zhang had 7 while A Liang had the most 10 although he tries to explain that he got dump 4 times but 6 is still a lot. ABC have 0 and all the rest of Lollipop was like "rare thing" "hide him", ABC didn't even get a chance to talk because the seniors were too excited. But at the end he stick with his first answer which is Xiao Le and afair with A Man. The other Lollipop members was joking saying how Wei Lian's family can all move in to his house. Because A Man is good at taking care of people that's why he wrote "afair with A Man" then Xiao Le was like "I just pay money for maids to take care of her".

That's the end of another fun and happy episode with Lollipop, hope they can come again!

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