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無敵青春克 2008.10.17 黑糖群俠的追女絕招

This is probably the episode of WDQCK that I enjoyed the most as the guest is Lollipop this time. As before the studio have to fit 100 shui shui and now more than half of the shui shui is eliminated the studio looks so empty and big.

First of all the shui shui get to ask questions and one of the question was to pick one shui shui. Found out that Ivy is used to be Wang Zi's classmate along with Gui Gui and Xiao Bing. Ao Quan's picking part was funny, he went up to pick. He first picked Ben Bao, Xiao Yu said Ben Bao looks a bit like Wei Lian's sister and she does a bit from the side. Then Ben Bao was asked who she likes the most in Lollipop and she said Wang Zi. Ao Quan then changed his pick to Xiao Bo but Xiao Bo immediately said "My heart only have Wei Lian". Ao Quan's depressed face was so funny.

After the talk they sang Mi Mi Ji Di and then they all have to act how they would confess so that the girl would accept them. They all went for the romantic and sweet talk to the shui shui, Wei Lian's one was funny everyone was saying his one was weak. Even Kenji has to act it out as well.

At the end the one with the most vote was Wei Lian. The reason was because he was very cute so the shui shui vote him.

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