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[News] Chance of opening concert at Hong Kong

[2008-10-06] Taiwan popular group Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang) popularity has reached to China and Hong Kong, the contract between Lollipop and Gold Typhoon has almost reach to an end a lot of other recording companies also took the chance of getting Lollipop under their company. Gold Typhoon offered a 7 digit to continue the contract and also offered next year during August Lollipop to open their Hong Kong concert at a famous stage "Hong Guan".

Lollipop popularity has been rising ever since they debuted, it would a great lost to Gold Typhoon if they cannot continue the contract with Lollipop. From what Gold Typhoon offered to Lollipop, it seem like Lollipop has agreed to continue the contract with Gold Typhoon.

Lollipop popularity has been pushing towards Fahrenheit, both group was looked forward in making it big. At first the plan was to let Lollipop to open a concert at Star Hall but every single singer's wish was to open at Hong Kong's Hong Guan stadium. To be able to held a concert at Hong Guan it will show their power and identity in the entertainment industry as many super star has stepped on this stage. Gold Typhoon is already applying for Lollipop to open their concert next year, at the moment it is decided to open for 2 nights.

About Lollipop and Gold Typhoon continue contract, manager of Lollipop Ao Jun Yi admit it through oversea call that a lot of other companies was interested in signing Lollipop but Gold Typhoon has the priority. She said the talk with Gold Typhoon was going well but things aren't 100% decided, when it's the time it will be announced. When asked about the Hong Kong concert plan Jun Yi admit that they did have that offer and they also have a lot of other plans.

Lollipop recently released their "Hei Tang Quan Xia Zhuan" OST, they received a great amount of selling and during November they will also be going to Singapore for more promotion, later will be going to Beijing for movie filming. End of the year they would be arriving at Hong Kong to promote.

Translated by Choco-late

Internet been realling slow lately have to wait until the 11th to get back my normal speed so I haven't been really bother to look up for news, if you have any news for me to translate post them up on the cbox.

Lollipop going to Singapore again, I'm jealous! But it can't be help since I live in this country where hardly any Asian artist comes. I'm happy to hear that Lollipop might open a concert at Hong Guan because a few days ago I saw news on the newspaper about Fahrenheit's Hong Kong concert and the article was saying how great it was even my mum want to see it. So I hope they make it big!

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6 October 2008 at 4:38 pm

hey. thanks for uploading bbt news again(:
is it confirm that they are coming to sgp?

Choco-late says
7 October 2008 at 2:30 am

it should be... that's what it said in the article...

i'll post further details of it if i do come across it.