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[News] Birthday boys feed by a sexy maid!

[2008-10-05] Since the typhoon stopped artist's event was packed with fans. Lollipop's party, sexy maid brought up a cake to the October birthday boys!

October birthday boys Wei Lian (7th), A Wei (15th) and Ao Quan (30th) celebrate their birthday during the fans event and it turned out to be a birthday party for the boys. In the prop was hidden a sexy maid holding a birthday cake. The boys who usually have less contact with girls was surprised, Ao Quan was pushed out to be feed by the maid. The reason was "because he's the closest one at the age of marriage".

They received a camera from the company as a present, Wang Zi worrying said "I'm worried that they'll spy us with the camera as the bathroom can be easily opened with a 10 cent coin".

Translated by Choco-late

[2008-10-05] "Hei Tang Quan Xia Zhuan" OST album just released, company especially gave the October birthday boys Wei Lian, A Wei and Ao Quan a birthday present. As the 6 of them busy all day and night where they don't even have the time to rest, company invited a sweet maid to take care of Lollipop. This maid is not just anyone, she's a junior of famous model LIZ. She feed Ao Quan cake and wished OST album will sell good.

Another good news to celebrate is that Lollipop's limited edition of the OST was already sold out so the company rewarded them a camera each hoping they could use it to do more creative things and take lots of photos to share with the fans.

Translated by Choco-late

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