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[News] Showing the Lollipop fashion trend

[2008-10-18] The young fashion brand held a fashion party at Hua Shan Yi Wen Zhong Xin.
The party especially invited Kai Wo's models for catwalk to present this year latest autumn and winter fashion. With a total of 42 top models together on stage they present us the latest trend.

On stage was full of top models but off stage was not bad as well, energetic young boys Lollipop member Xiao Jie, Wei Lian, Xiao Yu and Wang Zi all wearing the brand Shi Chang to the party.

During November they will appear in Fan Wei Qi's concert as guest, at the moment they are going through practice with Fanfan. They are also excited for the concert arrival, afterward Wang Zi will participate in the movie "Ai Dao Di" filming. His leading drama "Hei Tang Quan Xia Zhuan" will also come to an end this Saturday, Lollipop's popularity continue to rise.

Translated by Choco-late

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