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[News] Close contact with Ao Quan, Theresa scared being "killed"

[2008-10-10] Hong Kong artist Theresa will soon film a movie with Taiwanese popular idol group Lollipop member Ao Quan, movie called "Re Xue Tong Meng (熱血同盟)". During the movie Theresa and Ao Quan will have a touching love story along with some couples scene. Theresa worriedly expressed that scared fans of Ao Quan will "kill" her as Ao Quan has a lot of female fans. Also they are filming in Beijing so no one could help her but she would still work hard for the movie.

There's a time period that Theresa stopped filming movie, she is now getting teacher to tutor her Mandarin as she have to talk in Mandarin in the movie.

Translated by Choco-late


becky says
10 October 2008 at 11:03 pm

i think some fans are just way to crazy..its oly a drama and come on its so selffish to keep ao quan away from girls and keep him for yourself