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[News] Lollipop teaches Fanfan dancing, free renting for the month

[2008-10-17] There's 16 days left until Fanfan's concert, lately Lollipop have been secretly transferring dancing techniques to Fanfan. As Lollipop's landlord she said "Free renting for the month!".

Fanfan's concert will held at November 1st and 22nd, one at Tai Bei and one at Tai Zhong. Concert special guest will be Lollipop, bringing the MFBBT 3 generations opening dance on stage with Fanfan. The 6 of them turned into instructers teaching Fanfan the dances and was seen with their eyes how Fanfan dances, they were surprised and said "Fanfan opens her mouth so big while breathing which looks like a good fish".

Fanfan have been working really hard for the dance, expressing that yesterday she practiced until 4am. As her boyfriend Hei Ren is hosting a dancing show, she was asked if he give any comments to her. She replied "I don't plan to let him see me dancing, if he saw me he would laugh". To repay Lollipop practicing with her until midnight Fanfan decided to not collect their renting fees for the month. Fanfan rented the house to Lollipop for $60, 000 per month, so when Lollipop heard that they don't need to pay for this month they were all reliefed. Then Fanfan added "If I don't practice well then next month you have to pay double!"

Translated by Choco-late

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Anonymous says
18 October 2008 at 2:08 am

the second concert is on the 22nd not 11th...

Choco-late says
18 October 2008 at 8:09 am

i just looked at the article again, and it's the 22nd. I fixed the article already.