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Lollipop Magazines Update!

Some updates on Lollipop magazine scans. I'm all muddle up confused which magazine it really belongs to.

COLOR November Issue

COLOR October Issue
I've post these up before but the ones I posted up before are bad qualities which were taken by a camera and there's reflection of the flash. But these are the better quality ones.

FANS October Issue

From here onwards I'm not really sure what magazine they are from, like I said above. I found bits and pieces of it from Baidu.

Wang Zi is very cute doing the love sign with his arms.

The OST album event, Wei Lian was so man picked a fans who's heavier. When they were playing games he had to pick her up.

The three from HTQXZ, A Ben looks funny with the glasses. I wonder if there's more to it? The 2nd scan, the one where Wang Zi wearing suits it's the one that I have been searching for. But I forgot what magazine it was from.

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