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東風娛樂通 2008.10.27 棒棒堂

Ao Quan and A Wei wasn't here on the show they are attending classes, so there's only 4 members. First off they went to eat in a place introduced by Wei Lian, afterward they went to Levis store. The owner of the store gave each member a pants. Jun Yi jie was there at the store too, Wang Zi was cute when he shouted "Jun Yi jie I need this..." They all pick out the jeans they like and tried it on. Xiao Jie gave this skirt to Wang Zi telling him to try it on because as we all know Wang Zi has beautiful legs. He took it and head towards the changing room but he was only joking, I would be hype up to see him actually change into that.

Then they head towards Xiao Gui's store AES. They did an introduction of the store, introducing some of the toys at the store and 2 limited edition tees.

On their way to another food store they saw Mao Di who just went to where they headed to. They all walk there and start eating again.

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