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模范棒棒堂 2008.10.14 六棒來選專屬學弟

I'm really happy that Lollipop is on the show again but this episode was quite boring, at least I thought it was.

So Lollipop is back to pick their junior which they will help them out if they were to be eliminated or doesn't know what to do during elimination. Each of them brought a present to give to the selected junior. When Xiao Jie was introducing his present the camera was shooting Andy ge as it's something related to him. Now this episode is broadcast I finally know what Eason meant in the previous episodes when he mention he got Wang Zi's shi wan da jun ling pai.

Ao Quan and Xiao Jie part went a bit long so the other members ended it quite fast. Dui Zhang was funny, while everyone jumped out to the middle he was the only one sitting there saying he wanted to be A Wei's or Wei Lian's junior more. The most funniest thing was during Wei Lian's turn, only Dui Zhang wanted to get pick by Wei Lian. Since it's only 1 so they immediately announce his answer and the worst thing is his pick wasn't Dui Zhang, his part ended it within like 2 or 3 mins. Although Dui Zhang didn't get pick but he still got A Wei there and A Wei did pick him.

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