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流行in HOUSE 2008.10.25 棒棒堂

Lollipop haven't been on in House for a long time so glad they can see them on this show. First off they danced the chorus part of Cang Jing Ge, then slowly talked what each of them are doing lately.

Afterward Xiao Mi jie talked about Japan's latest trend and introduced this Japanese designer who brought up the trend. Then Xiao Jie introduced some of his clothing he brought, every time at in House Xiao Jie always introduce some stuff and he always seem like to know everything.

They split into 2 groups and see which group did a better design with 2 t-shirts. Ao Quan's group was funny because they even did the mask so that no one can see the face. They got 2 models to wear it and the 2 host pick Ao Quan's group.

Then from clothing it goes to bags, Lollipop members introduced their bags. Then Xiao Mi jie presented the latest style of bags. The bag they introduce are so colorful, makes me want to buy a nice bag too.

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FWhiteChocolate says
26 October 2008 at 5:43 am

Know you where can I find the Behind the Scene of The Legend Of Brown Sugar Chivalries of 25 October on the channel who diffused the drama?

Choco-late says
26 October 2008 at 7:53 am

links are posted...