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黑糖群挾傳 - Ep13 END

Can't believe the last episode is already leaked out, I don't think it's from the official VCD as the subtitles are simplified and usually China have their ways in these kind of things. But this is the last episode, the quality are good.

The ending wasn't that bad and wasn't that good to me, I was expecting more fighting with Dong Fang Bu Bai but it just ended in a flash where Ling Hu stabbed from the top of the head. Everything just went too quick from there, if they take out some unimportant parts and make the fighting a bit long it would have been more better.

Xiao Jie and Wei Lian part was really short, I think they only appeared for like 2 minutes. When they were kicking the ball it makes me think of the movie "Shaolin Soccer" and I just can't help it but laugh.

The medicine feeding part could have been cut, I don't get what's the point of having another kissing scene. It's just a waste of time where they could make more time to fight Dong Fang Bu Bai. But when Ying Ying was feeding Ling Hu, Xiao Long Nu and Jian Ning teasing her was sweet, I sense a sweet aura.

So with the help of Eighteen, Xi Chen students have a safe place to stay as Xi Chen was taken over by Dong Fang Bu Bai. By forcing Ling Hu to face the truth, Ling Hu finally confessed and admitted that he likes Ying Ying.

The other Hey Girl members appeared towards the end, the one who had the most scene was Gui Gui. I just can't help but to laugh when they all surrounded her and start bashing her, I bet during the filming time she was laughing instead of screaming out in pain.

Jian Ning became crazy was a bit fake, a minute ago she was still normal and then later she suddenly went crazy. So at the end Lu liao shi wasn't that bad at all, at least he still care about his daughter.

Enough of spoilers, overall it's okay not too crap.

Was late on the screen caps because I was too lazy to do it as it takes too much time, but since I didn't go to school today I spend the time in doing the screen shots.

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