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東風娛樂通 2008.10.15 棒棒堂之把妹我最行

Another great casual and fun talk from this show. The topic is what they do to get the girl's heart, maybe because Xiao Jie and Wang Zi has lesser experience so they didn't talk much. All the talking was done by A Wei, Wei Lian and Ao Quan.

While they talk about each topic they also acted the situation out with the female host. It was suppose to be a serious topic but it turned out to be a comedy act.

The first act was A Wei and Wei Lian together, trying to get a very cool girl's heart. So the story is that they are in school and the girl is the class president. So they are trying to be humorous trying to make the girl laugh. But it turns out to be a comedy act at the end.

Second act was Ao Quan, after being together for a couple of years with the girl he wants to break up, how would be act it out? So his way is first saying that the girl has another guy and slowly getting to the point. It was so funny when he said I like another girl and it's Jun Yi jie.

Last act is Wang Zi and Xiao Jie acting how they will propose to the girl. Wang Zi was serious and romantic while the female host was too crazy. Xiao Jie one was a bit too joking type, funny thing is A Wei sitting down clapping his hands and saying "Good!"

Youku Link (uploaded by 琪琪综艺)

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