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Magazine Scans Update!

It was a problem when they started banning fans uploading magazine scans onto the woo forum because that's my only resource to see the latest magazine photos of Lollipop. I have been missing out quite a lot, so I did a search trying to find some other resources for magazine photos.

I was so happy that I found some that I haven't seen before but I'm sure if it's all of it from each magazines.

COLOR - 2008 August Issue
This should be the China version as it's written in simplified. I could I miss out on these, they are so hot in suits. Wang Zi looks like some rich kid from manga and A Wei looks like a business man as his suit is the most simple on of all.

COLOR - 2008 February Issue
They all look so cute jumping!

New Monday Vol.407
This one feature MFBBT and a bit of Er Jun. The last photo of Lollipop is from TOP, a magazine that comes inside New Monday. Don't know if there's more of Lollipop photos but only could find one.

New Monday Vol.409
Featuring Leo Ku on MFBBT also 1 page about A Wei and Ya Tou first kiss on HTQXZ.

New Monday Vol.414
Featuring a episode of Na Li 5 Da Kang.

New Monday Vol.416 (TOP)
This was actually in TOP not New Monday. Only found 1 photo of it don't know if there's more.

Wasn't going to post these but Wei Yu looked really hot in these photos so I'll just post it up. Don't know what issue it was because it didn't say.

Unknown Magazine
Found these on baidu, I don't know the name of the magazine but whoever know or finds out please do tell me! OMG! Wang Zi is just too hot in suits. If anyone do have it or finds the whole thing of this you MUST tell me.

That's all for now, I will sure search for more whether it's old or new.
If you do buy magazines with Lollipop in it and wouldn't mind contributing, please feel free to send them to me.

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