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黑糖群挾傳 Ep11

Damn! It took me a whole day to download this episode, I hate it when my internet is slow. Everyone been tempting me when they comment about it but I finally got to watch it during Monday morning.

Ying Ying found Ling Hu but Ling Hu continue to act shitty so that Ying Ying would leave him alone, the part where Ling Hu pushes Ying Ying on to the bed was so manly. But Ying Ying didn't give up on him and Ling Hu accepted her help finally. On the other hand Xiao Bao, Xiao Long Nu, Cang Tai and Liu Xiang left Xi Chen to find the others and they also have an agreement to the principle of 7 days. They split into 2 groups as Xiao Long Nu and Cang Tai was arguing, Xiao Long Nu and Xiao Bao then met Hong Shi Ba. The funny thing is that Hong Shi Ba was wearing expensive clothing but being a beggar on the street.

The dinner part was so funny, when Shi Ba was watching them using their hands squashing and squeezing the food part, I was cracking up laughing.
Jian Ning finally found Guo Jing from the help of Shi Ba's company, first she mistaken Guo Jing and Lao Lao together but it was resolved when the nurse came back. Lao Lao have a habit of dislike seeing couples together so when she knew Jian Ning and Guo Jing is together, she kept making Jian Ning angry.

From Ying Ying's father clue Ling Hu and Ying Ying then goes figure out to find Bing Fo Dan, from this clue they meet Hong Shi Ba. From the first look Hong Shi Ba liked Ying Ying as it's his type. Hong Shi Ba was very cute when he was promoting his spa to Ying Ying & Ling Hu. When Shi Ba find out that was Ren Ying Ying he then told her another clue in order to get Bing Fo Dan.

Where about of Bing Fo Dan was then spread to Dong Fang Bu Bai's side, with the help from Ling Hu Ying Ying found the map to get Bing Fo Dan.

While Ying Ying and Ling Hu together finding Bing Fo Dan, Liu Xiang was suddenly attacked by Cang Tai because he was hypnotized by Dong Fang Bu Bai's student. Liu Xiang was injured and Cang Tai lost control of himself. Jian Ning and Gou Jing was also attacked luckily Lao Lao was there with them.

On the other side Xiao Bao and Xiao Long Nu had a fight because Xiao Bao was jealous of at the time when they met Shi Ba. Xiao Long Nu was hurt and ran out but unfortunately she was attacked by DFBB. The part where Xiao Bao and Xiao Long Nu in the hospital was very sweet and cute. By the time here it's obvious that the trader is Lu xiao shi, at the end of the episode Ling Hu and Ying Ying went to the place to find Bing Fo Dan.

Next episode, Ying Ying confessed to Ling Hu will Ling Hu accept her confession? Xi Chen principle was murdered by DFBB, will Lao Lao help Ling Hu to gain back his power? Must watch the next episode!

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