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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert


This is for TVB8 award songs voting, I was late on posting this but the vote have not end yet so we can still vote.

This award ceremony will be held on 7th December @ 7pm.
The online voting starts from 25th Oct 09:00 until 29th Oct 23:00 <--- This is according to Hong Kong time. Lollipop has 2 songs, "Wo Men Zhi Jian" and "Ai Qing Ma Qi Duo" which you can vote. But the voting system requires you to vote 10 songs in total, so you might also want to support Fanfan or Hey Girl as well.

For people who live in China you vote in these websites:

If you're from Malyasia go to this website to vote:

For other countries (such as Singapore or Australia) go here:

I'm not sure how many times can you vote but let's all vote for Lollipop so that they get an award, also one good thing is it doesn't require any registration which I hate.

For those people who can't read Chinese, I've screen printed the list of songs so you can see. Lollipop is no.3 and no.72

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