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我愛黑澀會 2008.10.14 黑糖群俠光臨黑澀會 (上)

Lollipop on HSH to promote their OST album, first they talked about the usual things like how the meimeis asked questions and they have to answer. Funny thing is most of the shows they go on they ask similar things so those answers we heard it already.

They were cue to do a evil or provoke look only A Wei and Wei Lian has trouble on it the rest did well. Xiao Ma got caught practicing it on the side and was then cue to do it, he added in a line and everyone cracked up laughing. Afterward they continue with the asking question, most of the questions was about during the filming. They said that Wang Zi and Ya Tou was still holding hand after director shouted "cut". But at the end he didn't answer who would he pick Ya Tou or Xiao Xun.

After the questioning part they sang a bit of Mi Mi Ji Di, Ao Quan specially created a formation because the opening music was too long but was laughed by Hei Ren. Then it was the part that I thought was the most amusing, it's the debating between the meimeis and didis. The meimeis will pick one member to answer the question, the question will be based on "why guys like to do this" sort of stuff. First off was Yao Yao's question, A Wei answering it. Her question is like "Why do guys like to touch each other private part?" So they started arguing and it went quite long as everyone jumped in, but at the end the meimeis didn't accept A Wei's reasons.

Next question was to Ao Quan, "Why do guys like to show off their boxers?" I thought Ao Quan's answer was reasonable, he said because it looks cool. That's really true. So will his reason get accepted? Have to watch the next episode.

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