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我愛黑澀會 2008.10.15 黑糖群俠光臨黑澀會 (下)

Continue on from previous episode, they were up to the part where Ao Quan was answering the question about "Why do guys like to have their pants so low?" Ao Quan's answer was it's not because he want to and ones who purposely does it think it's cool. With more than half agreeing to his answer he passed.

Afterward was Wang Zi, Qiang Qiang asked "Why guys spend 1 or 2 hours in styling their hair?" Wang Zi replied that because it's a type of manner to look clean and nice when outside. Qiang Qiang full on went crazy and all of the guys was like "We came across a crazy girl!" From what she says it's obvious that Wang Zi will pass, her saying has no key point.

Xiao Yu turn, immediately after being he won already because she was backfire by the question. Yu Tu asked "Why do guys like to share close photos with girlfriend with friends", immediately Xiao Yu said "I should ask you this". Also her argue point wasn't strong enough and lost immediately at the start of it.

Wei Lian's question was "Why do guys like to pretend cool while playing basketball?" He's like saying it's natural thing and it's not purposely to pretend cool. The argue went on and Hei Ren joined.

Lastly was Xiao Jie, without watching we know Xiao Jie will pass as he's good at talking. So the question was "Why guys like to pretend so care free, e.g. paying for dinner with girls etc." Then the talk came to how it's a type of manner, Hei Ren also mention that when you're having dinner with a senior you can't pay because it's a type of manner.

After that it's Hei Ren who ask questions, a very hard question "Who is your best friend amongst the group members?" If they got paired up they get to the next level where they can earn $500 every question they answer correctly. Xiao Yu was so funny, he wrote Xiao Jie but Xiao Jie already revealed his answer and it was Wei Lian. Xiao Yu immediately throw away his board and later on he was stepping on it, it was so funny. Then Wang Zi revealed his answer and he wrote Xiao Yu. The reason why he choose him was because they have been sleeping together for more than a month during the filming time. Wang Zi was cute saying how he even forced himself to listen rock music for him. The last 2 Ao Quan and A Wei picked each other, as they known each other the longest.

So the two paired group go on the next level testing their chemistry. Xiao Jie and Wei Lian manage to get 1 question correctly. A Wei and Ao Quan has great chemistry and manage to get 3 questions correct.

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