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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert


This was actually the fans event that was talked on the article where it became a birthday celebration for Wei Lian, A Wei and Ao Quan. The place was really small and there's a lot of people (reporters + fans) so they're like always trying to make space for photos for reporters.

When the maid was out she was in between Ao Quan and Wang Zi, Xiao Jie was beside Wang Zi it was funny how Xiao Jie swapped place with Wang Zi and then Wang Zi pushed him back. When she was feeding Ao Quan, he looked very awkward maybe because of his height and the maid clothing was deep at the front. They let everyone took photos and because the place was so small they made the fans split apart to make way in the middle.

Afterward it's the feeding time for the 3 birthday boys by the other members, all of them took a big piece like getting ready to shove it in their mouths. But before feeding them they all took a bite on the cake and more photos were taken. Wang Zi just shoved the whole thing in Wei Lian's mouth, it was really cute!

Then it's the gaming time, first off Lollipop demonstrated how the game is play. Fans sure was excited when Wei Lian picked up Ao Quan they were all like screaming. Then they talked for a bit about this OST album. As Wang Zi and Xiao Yu is on the side so they didn't have to hold mics, the other 4 who are holding the mics are moving around. When Wang Zi was talking they all shoved the mic in front of him and Xiao Yu was like left alone having a big gap between the others.

Then it's the game with fans, there's a fan who used the limited edition cloth and made it into a bag, it looked pretty cool. As Wei Lian picked the fan who's bigger in size so all the fans like was chanting for him at the end. Wang Zi was cute jumping on when Ao Quan was carrying the fan.

At the end a quick ending message and more photos were being taken. As the sound is not clear at times so sometimes I miss what they were talking about.

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