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[News] Next week airing making of HTQXZ!

[2008-10-17] On the 18th HTQXZ will broadcast the last episode, Xiao Jie and Wei Lian will also participate in the last episode as the "Legendary Soccer Group". The 6 will appear the ratings must be high. To have a good chemistry before the filming start Xiao Jie practiced it for 2 hours long with the instructor to perform it handsomely. But all that was worth it because it was 1 take only.

Wei Lian and Xiao Jie both were excited when they get to film HTQXZ, they were very serious about it when they arrived to the filming scene and listen carefully to the instructor. They were so serious that Ya Tou who is waiting for her filming couldn't help but to make fun of them. The both played soccer to break the pressure, they were suppose to look cool but once Ya Tou joined in the coolness was gone and turned more feminine.

Xiao Jie and Wei Lian character is set to be powerful at kicking, there's a fighting scene of them with Guo Jing (A Wei). During the filming they had a lot of jumping, kicking and falling. After 2 hours of practicing Xiao Jie can't stuffer the pain anymore.

Other than Xiao Jie and Wei Lian powerful fighting and kicking skills, to make it more effective special effects was added to make a result like "Shaolin Soccer". During the filming the two of them were basically kicking the air. Another interesting scene was when Lu liao shi (Zhang Ke Fan) scarified himself, Wang Zi was so into and tears just can't stop dropping. When director shouted cut Zhang Ke Fan laughed saying "I can take a shower with these tears!"

After the last episode being broadcast, the week after there will be behind the scene of HTQXZ. It will show the each member of Lollipop and Hey Girl filming time, lots of funny scene being capture by the staff. These behind the scene footage will be air next Saturday (10/25) at 9:30pm.

Translated by Choco-late

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