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無敵青春克 2008.10.20 超時尚秋冬型錄徵選賽

Was watching this because I got nothing better to do and doesn't want to do my assignment. So Wei Lian is not here as he's busy probably with Lollipop things. So the substitute host for this episode is A Ben and Mao Di.

The topic for this episode is that shui shui are being photograph outdoor for the brand Roxy. Ling You Li is the guest for today teaching the shui shui how to pose and stuff. After not seeing this show for a long time, I realise that a lot of the shui shui have changed, mostly gotten more prettier.

A Ben and Mao Di demonstrate sexy pose was funny, the first move A Ben did was grabbed Mao Di's leg from the bottom.

First the shui shui have to natch what clothes they want to wear, it's so funny how they all ran and 2 shui shui was fighting over the clothing.

There's a little part where Mao Di learns English, it's so cute because he couldn't say it properly. Then there's this little dreamy act with the English teacher which was really random. Later on there's another dreamy act with Lea.

It's fun to watch girls fight in these kind of show, there seem to be something going on with Xiao Quan and Ashly. Xiao Quan couldn't get the natural feel, both You Li and the photographer gave up on her at the end and I bet Ashly is like laughing inside.

I think I'm gonna watch the next episode, I wanna see the outcome of the photos and hope there's more gossip of Xiao Quan and Ashly.

Youtube Links (uploaded by sugoishow)
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2 Responses to "無敵青春克 2008.10.20 超時尚秋冬型錄徵選賽" (Leave A Comment)

Anonymous says
21 October 2008 at 11:25 pm

which part mao di learn english??

Choco-late says
22 October 2008 at 3:58 am

i think it's part 4... not too sure.