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[News] Wang Zi MV filming, contestant's boyfriend protested

[2008-10-25] Lollipop member Wang Zi currently filmed "Dui Bu Qi" MV along with 3 audition fans. But one of the fan Xiao You's boyfriend protested with the amount of scene she have. Staff members said his attitude was bad and said "lack of taking care, no drinks and lunch provided". He also said he audio recorded and will give it to the reporters. Wang Zi was surprised and said "Didn't everyone had a fun time during the filming?"

Wang Zi's company expressed that they wanted to reward the fans by giving a chance for them to participate in this MV but didn't thought it would turn out like this. In future they might avoid these kind of events.

Since "Dui Bu Qi" is a song that Wang Zi took part in the lyrics so company take much more attention to it. So a MV was especially filmed with helding an event hoping that there's more interaction with fans. In the autograph session they selected 10 contestant out of 20, later the final 3 contestant will get selected from MFBBT.

But MV real female lead is Vicki while the other 3 contestants only acting as Wang Zi's classmate who have feelings for him so their scene in MV was not a lot. From 7am to 10am the filming ended for the fans but Xiao You's boyfriend complained to Wang Zi's manager protested that her scene was too short.

Gold Typhoon expressed that they didn't thought about more or less scenes while giving the chance of fans to participate in this MV. Drinks were in the dressing room where they could just grab it anytime, filming ended before afternoon so there's no need to provide lunchbox.
When Wang Zi heard this he was surprised and said "I didn't feel any fans that were unhappy".

Gold Typhoon expressed that they might not allow fans to participate in these kind of events again.

Translated by Choco-late

Although I think both side have their wrong and rights but I'm glad that the one who complained wasn't the fans but the boyfriend.

Of course the fans wouldn't feel unhappy because they get to have a close distance with Wang Zi, it is kind of expected that their scene wouldn't be that much but I didn't thought they would add another girl in.

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