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黑糖群俠傳 2008.10.25 90分鐘花絮

I'm currently downloading the video now so I'll put up screen caps once I have finish with it. I always love watching making or behind the scene it's really interesting. But maybe for this drama there's too much characters so they only show a bit of each character and there's some videos we've probably have seen before through the news.

The making was interesting it shows how much hard work they put in it, I was glad that the ratings went okay. When they were filming the last episode, the scene where everyone came it was Mei Mei's birthday and they all fooled her by saying they brought a puppy for her birthday present but the box was actually empty. Mei Mei was so cute getting all happy and they kept pushing her back to filming. At the end Wang Zi rolled his short sleeve up and I can see his muscle, he got muscle now! He should wear sleeveless next time and show off his muscles.

Too bad there wasn't Xiao Jie and Wei Lian scene included, they also didn't show footage of Fanfan as Dong Fang Bu Bai.

I actually cut down a lot of the screen caps because I capped a lot but I couldn't upload them all, so only pick a few.

Somehow I really like this part, the way how Wang Zi talk and act is just too cute!

The screen cap of where I said I can see Wang Zi's muscle! Well he does have a bit.

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