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[News] Cang Jing Ge ranked 8th for Hot MV Ranking!

[2008-09-26] Lollipop "Cang Jing Ge" MV is newly released, this song is the theme of Lollipop and Hei Girl drama "Hei Tang Quan Xia Zhuan". In the MV Lollipop first time challenging a martial art combine dance, A Wei who learned tae kwon do before is being the action guider. A Wei doing a 45 degree freeze on the table NGed 8 times and his arms were shaking face was red.

Translated by Choco-late

I only translated Lollipop part, if you want to see the list of rankings click on the source link. The MV just released yesterday and it's 8th on the ranking list, I hope later it would be 1st on the list.

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