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哪裡5打抗 2008.09.14 高中校園帥哥來對抗與5打抗歡度中秋

Another episode of Na Li 5 Da Kang! I only realize Yao Yao was there instead of Apple when I was watching the 2nd part. HSHMM came on as guest it seem like they are giving them more chances to perform as they often get cued to dance.
The topic of the episode is high school hot guys, the guys are pretty hot/cute and one of them is in the same class as Wang Zi. The talk with him was quite entertaining as he's so confindent about himself, but maybe he's a little too confindent that might give people the wrong idea that he's cocky.

When Hu Ya was called, Ao Quan was like Hu Ya is my best please support him. That was funny how he suddenly started promoting him. All the guys this time performed dancing and only the last guy can dance good the rest are beginners.

I reckon the swimmer wear part is quite boring, they all look funny in shorts and topless. I hope they change the topic later on, like something like fashion what you would wear on this occasion. Andy ge invited YoYo and Jian Tu to MFBBT, I guess shortly we would see them two on the show.

The short play was okay, really random. Mao Di was the guest although Li Quan is more funnier but Mao Di was really cute.

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