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黑糖群挾傳 - Ep10

I'm so excited for the next episode now after seeing the preview, although it's a bit sad to see it coming to an end.

So in this episode Ling Hu knows about Jian Ning likes Guo Jing and realize the world he thought wasn't as what he think it was. So he left Xi Chen, I think he left Xi Chen because of his power lost and not because of Jian Ling and Guo Jing. Jian Ning and Guo Jing blames themselves for Ling Hu leaving Xi Chen, all the others know about Jian Ling likes Guo Ning. Guo Jing was hated by the others and was bullied. Lu Xiao Shi sent Guo Jing to find Ling Hu and Jian Ning was locked up by her father.

Jian Ning knows Ying Ying likes Ling Hu and tells her to believe who she really likes before it's too late. Ying Ying realize that she cannot forget about Ling Hu and decided to go find Ling Hu. On the other hand after being taught by Ying Ying Xiao Long Nu had a deep thought about what's true love and realize she never had such experience before. Xiao Bao finally confessed his love to Xiao Long Nu at the fast food store, that part was really sweet.

Ying Ying left Xi Chen late at night to go find Ling Hu she was stopped by Lui Xiang. Ying Ying faces the truth and says who she really likes and cannot forget him. After searching for Ling Hu for half a month she finally saw Ling Hu drunk in front of a store. Ling Hu was changed into a different person and Ying Ying was upset to see Ling Hu being like that.

While sleeping on the street Guo Jing meet this lady and his blood almost got sucked by her. Guo Jing fainted after seeing her drinking the blood, he woke up and saw the nurse who lefted Xi Chen. Guo Jing meets Tian Shan Tong Lao who is one of the most powerful from the 4 schools.

Next episode Ao Quan will appear, from what I read from the summaries Ao Quan will be helping out Ying Ying and Ling Hu. Tian Shan Tong Lao will help Ling Hu to gain back his power and all the members were injured by Dong Fang Bu Bai.

Although Wang Zi appeared so less in this episode but man he's so hot in that top tank. He also acted really well in this part, he's improving!

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