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[News] Chasing towards the "Asia Martial Art Group" title

[2008-09-26] Starring Lollipop and Hei Girl drama "Hei Tang Quan Xia Zhuan" OST is releasing on October 3rd, Lollipop chasing after "Asia Martial Art Group" title! This is a new challenge for Lollipop, on the MV filming day Lollipop grouped together after parting for such a long time. All of them have been working over for 36 hours straight without sleeping and they were to film this martial art MV, everyone was worried that they would faint and was buying them things to gain energy. But the sleepy feeling they have turned out being complimented by the director, the filming was done quickly Lollipop jokingly said "So not sleeping does help in martial art!".

"Cang Jing Ge" MV is Lollipop first challenge in martial art mix with dance, this dance was chreographed by Da Mu. The dance combined with a lot of martial art such as nunchakus, sword, zui quan, tang lang quan and etc.

Da Mu was with Lollipop from the start of filming until the end. The three members Wang Zi, A Wei and Xiao Yu haven't slept for 36 hours because of the hurried filming. The other three members Xiao Jie, Ao Quan and Wei Lian were also busy with hosting shows and guest appearing in HTQXZ they also haven't slept for 30 hours.

Never thought that all the members were so excited about this filming, guess every boys have their own heroes in their heart. So each of them imagine their favorite super hero who have superb martial art. Wei Lian and Wang Zi said their favorite hero is Jin Yong's Zhang Wu Ji and Ling Hu Chong. A Wei said his favorite is Guo Jing, Xiao Jie deep impression was Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu. Ao Quan's favorite is Guan Yu and Xiao Yu jokingly said mian bao chao ren and got attacked by other five members afterward.

A Wei who learned a bit of martial art before was also guiding the members with Da Mu. Lollipop's manager Ao Jun Yi was calling A Wei "Master A Wei". When it was A Wei's turn he did a 45 degree freeze and the staff members was saying "We didn't have any wire hanging today right?" After the director shouting NG for the fifth time A Wei's arm began shaking and face was red, but A Wei didn't admit it and said "I'm shy that's why my face is red".

Xiao Jie who looks quiet on the outside immediately jumped on the big chair, everyone was surprised because it looked awesome, Wang Zi said "I'm going to follow everyone who's going the cool way, let Xiao Jie be the odd one". Scared that all the moves will be used so each of them were arguing who's going first. The last one was Ao Quan him and his weird moves, like suddenly close up to the camera and almost hit the camera, was laughed by everyone saying he looked like a monkey. But when everyone look at the monitor they agreed that Ao Quan look really handsome.

The filming went until 4am it was finally the group dancing, surprisingly everyone did great Da Mu jokingly said "So the trick to have good performance was not to sleep for over 30 hours, lets do this every time". Looks like Lollipop will have to get used to not sleeping for over 30 hours!

Translated by Choco-late

Thought of not translating this since the previous article is the same but this one has more detail, so I translated it at the end.

They were really cute arguing who's filming first because they are scared they used all the moves on the chair. Xiao Yu and his hero mian bao chao ren is so funny, wish there was a clip of it. Ao Quan was really hot in the MV and does looks a bit like a monkey since he's so jumpy. I really hope they have the making of this MV, it seem like they were all excited for the MV. Although they performed well by not sleeping over 30 hours but they shouldn't be doing this again, it's not good for the body.

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