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模范棒棒堂 2008.09.18 六棒學長震撼教育來囉 (下) + 致命巧克力

So happy that PPS wasn't lagging as much as yesterday, so I manage to finish watching the whole episode smoothly. So they continue asking some of the new didis out and introduce them to Lollipop. I really do think Tan Ke is funny and the natural way he acts just makes me laugh, with a bit more experience I think he would sure be a funny one.

I think the advices and tips Lollipop gave was really useful, hope the new didis will do well to keep the name MFBBT after being taught by the seniors. There was a tip that Wang Zi said sure is useful, "if you're not performing just don't sit there and do nothing at least make some expression". That is so true! You don't know how much fans go in such details, I always find fans in the woo forum catches Wang Zi's expression on the show by screen capping.

There were a lot of funny and happy moment in this episode, won't spoil the hype for everyone, just watch it yourself. The 2nd part was promoting this Thai movie so that's why they got BATO participating. This part only a few of the didis was there, the whole feel of it was fun maybe because Wei Yu is there and Xiao Le seems really happy (too happy to see Wei Yu there). I guess these new didis are slowly getting the hang of how MFBBT works, after these two episodes I think I got back the joy of watching MFBBT.

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