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無敵青春克 2008.09.17 史上最難青春的跳躍

They were not in the studio filming this time but out on the beach. So what are they doing? Well practically they are having a jump photo shoot, meaning that all the shui shui have to jump up and the photographer takes photos of them jumping up.

Seem like a lot of the shui shui have difficult jumping, it just looks like they have to use a lot of power just to jump up and pose. I know it could be really tiring jumping up (because I've did this before with friends) but there was one shui shui who totally puffed out and tired.

The photographer was disappointed in the shui shui, I think the worst one was Cha Cha, she keep on pointing her face up too high and can't even see her face. One of the shui shui looks so dead while jumping, doesn't have any energy at all.

Youtube Links (uploaded by sugoishows)
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