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"Support new didi DaDa" said by Wang Zi

I was just browsing through DaDa's wretch photo album and saw Wang Zi's photo as his background thought he might be a fan of Wang Zi. Then I went to woo forum and saw that DaDa is good friends with Wang Zi and Mao Di.

I'll just post these photos up, these photos are very old probably the time before Wang Zi got into MFBBT or maybe he just got in.

In DaDa's woo section Wang Zi left a post to support him, in his message he said that they were good friends from long time ago. He also mention that sometimes Li Quan get jokes from him. Saying that he might bit a little shy at first but please support him.

You can read the post here:

Everyone is connected in some ways, this is nice to know. Although DaDa is not that good looking but if he's funny on the show I'll support him (support doesn't mean I would like him).

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