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Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang) - Cang Jing Ge MV Preview

Finally, they finally have a decent music video where it doesn't seem cheaply made (because before I was disappointed with the concert MVs as there was too many of their MVs using the concert videos and Meng Xiang Ba Shi one was a little too cheaply made).

But for Cang Jing Ge, looking for these screen caps I'm totally satified with it. I was so scared that they might use footages from the drama as the MV but luckily they didn't. The clothing and the scene is totally awesome! I like how they had the "West" word printed on the floor as it stands for "Xi Chen".

I got too excited about it that I forgot to mention when it's going to be aired. It's gonna be aired at 9/25, 22:55 (10:55pm). I can't wait for it!

Here's the video of it:

Screen caps credit yenyen0206 @ woo

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