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哪裡5打抗 2008.09.21 大學校花選拔賽

Last 2 episodes was about good-looking guys and this episode is about good-looking girls. This time again Er Jun is on the show as guest.
The girls on the show just sounds like they are showing off, like how many guys like them and guys preparing breakfast for her etc. Thought these things will only happen in animes.

They should have shown the rest of Wei Yu's sexy pose, it would be really funny although it's a turn off. The dance Mao Di did was really good, it's nice to see that how he can just dance according to the music given just like any other dancers.

All the girls were alright but the last girl, Xiao Hua talks a lot. Everyone just makes fun of her which is a good thing because that way it's more entertaining but her singing was terrible.

The 2nd part the contestant will have to remove all their make-up and test how well their skins is by using this machine. There was a really big difference in No.3 which I thought she looks younger without the make-up. At the end No.1 won and it just goes by the number them entered. The girl who's good at dancing was invited to Wo Ai Hei Sei Hui by Andy ge.

The play at the end, this time it's Xiao Lu being the guest. He practically owned the who play. Next episode it's group PK challenge plus their play this time is HTQXZ.

I feel like the show is quite boring now because the whole show main focus is on the contestant and my focus of the show is Lollipop.

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