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Lollipop is back to MFBBT!

#546 六棒學長 震撼教育來囉(上) - 2008.09.17

It's been 1 month already of the 2nd season of MFBBT. Although the seniors didn't participate in the recordings but still take notice of the show on TV, observing each one of the didi's action. Now they are back to teach these juniors! A Wei known as dancing king, which didi's dancing catches his attention? Xiao Jie has never ending comments about new didis? In Wang Zi's eye who has the face of an idol? Lollipop's shocking training must watch!

#547 六棒學長 震撼教育來囉(下)+致命巧克力 - 2008.09.18

Continue from yesterday shocking training, today which didi will get pick on? Popular and cute didi Xiao Gu was said got no talent by Lollipop? ABC and ICE who's born oversea, do they really have their own talent? Also "致命巧克力" lead character 琴嘉 appeared in MFBBT! Especially invited Thailand prince BATO, playing games along with new didis and 琴嘉. Do not miss out!

Translated by Choco-late

I knew they will come back, this is a must watch for all the Lollipop fans. I can't wait to see how Lollipop interact with these new didis! It's funny how they got new uniform after they graduated and come back on the show, I wonder if they gonna come back again because they wouldn't just make new uniform for 2 episodes. In episode #547, it mention BATO so Wei Yu is coming on the show as well? Lots of old didis are back on the show, this makes me think that the rating is bad and need them to help out. But anyway I can't wait to watch it!

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