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[News] Filmko Holdings' Movie Open at Taiwan

[2008-09-16] Filmko Holdings Taiwan Company, held press conference at Taipei 101 building and to announced the movie "Ai Dao Di" will start filming. Artist who appeared on that day includes: Annie Liu, Alice Tseng, Peter Ho, Van Fan, Tammy Chen, Lollipop's Wang Zi, Lollipop 2's Mao Di and etc. (The rest of the artist is about the other article so I'm not gonna translate it)

Translated by Choco-late

From Filmko Holdings first movie at Taiwan Taipei filming "Ai Dao Di", a movie combined with a lot of new directors such as Fang Wen San, Jiu Ba Dao, Wang Zi Jiao and Chen Yi Xian cooperating with super idol artists such as Annie Liu, Peter Ho, Ethan Ruan, Lai Ya Yan, Wang Zi, Mao Di, Alan Kuo, Van Fan, Alice Tseng, Anting Ye, Makiyo, Tammy Chen and Tracy Zhou over 20 actors/actress expressing different style/type of love story.

After this big press conference, Filmko Holdings decided to held a party at Jeffery Huan, Stanley Huan and Vanesses Ng invested hotel. Party included all directors, actors/actress and etc.

One part of the movie BBT member Wang Zi and Mao Di will be the lead character, Hei Girl who is good friends with BBT also attended the party. They helped to support Wang Zi and Mao Di, especially Wang Zi who will first time on cinema screen. Hei Girl all expressed that they are excited to see their performance and hope to see a different side of them. Hei Girl's members didn't stayed long, they attended just to support BBT Wang Zi and Mao Di.

Translated by Choco-late

The first article I read tells me nothing about Wang Zi and Mao Di participating in the movie, until I read the 2nd article. This must be the best news ever since I heard about HTQXZ. I can't believe Wang Zi and Mao Di the two brothers are filming a movie together, I remember in one of the magazine Mao Di said that he wish to film a movie with Wang Zi and now it's true although this movie splits up into different parts therefore their appearance might not be much but it's a good start. Hope they will get to film more movies in the future.

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