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[News] Xiao Xun so into character cannot stop crying

[2008-09-06] STAR TV new drama HTQXZ Wang Zi acting as Ling Hu Cong is stuck between Xiao Xun and Ya Tou, fans of Wang Zi cannot accept the pairing with Xiao Xun. But from Xiao Xun's inner acting scene made the fans change, Xiao Xun crying scene was also praised by the director.

In the story Xiao Xun's father suicide in front of her, her beloved Ling Hu also lost his powers which made Ying Ying hurtfuly cried. After the scene was filmed Xiao Xun couldn't stop crying and said "There's no point in living if your 2 beloved man died". From her personality a lot of things can be laughed off it is rare to see her cry. The last time she cried was when she was young where she got hit by her father. But on that day Xiao Xun cried badly even after the director called "cut", Xiao Xun wiping her eyes and said "It's disgusting" and everyone laughed.

Xiao Xun misses her father because of filming she haven't went home for a long, once she finished filming she phoned her father and continued crying. Xiao Xun's father thought her daughter was bullied but later know that she was so into her character. The next day Xiao Xun woke up and found her eyes are swallowed.

Translated by Choco-late

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