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黑糖群俠傳 - Ep09

Continuing from previous episode, Ling Hu lost all his powers Jian Ning and Ling Hu will soon be going to Canada. Right at the end there was shown a trader in Xi Chen, who is it?

Ying Ying found out that Jian Ning likes Guo Jing, they all didn't want to hurt Ling Hu so Jian Ning and Guo Jing thinking of just putting this feeling away. But it's not so easy to forget somebody she likes. Right before the farewell party Jian Ning wrote a letter for each people and Guo Jing's letter was especially long, at that time Ling Hu still didn't realise Jian Ning's feeling.

On the farewell party they all prepared presents for Jian Ning and Ling Hu, Xiao Bao also prepared a game. When pair up each other by picking raffles but they all swapped with each other just to be the one they want. This part was quite funny, they swapped each other ones and it ended up with the couple pairings. So their game was to collect different color socks, the funny thing is when Ling Hu and Ying Ying came up to a little kid and the little kid was like "I want to see Lollipop" so Ling Hu started singing Lollipop's song.

On the other side we see that Xiao Long Nu started expressing her like to Xiao Bao and Xiao Bao turning to the good side not like before always talking about money. Then Guo Jing got attack by Dong Fang Bu Bai, then they believe Xi Chen still has another trader so they gang up together to find out who it is.

Liu Xiang and Xiao Bao found out that Guo Jing and Jian Ning cheating on Ling Hu. Seeing how Ling Hu treats Guo Jing so nicely by giving him his car Xiao Bao almost bursted it out. Ying Ying and Jian Ning got attacked by the trader but luckily the principle was there. To find out the trader Ling Hu set up a trick. They manage to find the trader but Ling Hu also found out that Jian Ning truly likes Guo Jing.

The part when Ling Hu disguise as Guo Jing was weird at first I was like WTF? Because of the voice and thought did they do something wrong? But it was Ling Hu who disguised as Guo Jing and because of that he found out that Jian Ning likes Guo Jing.

Next episode Ling Hu went missing everyone was worried especially Ying Ying. The qi ren zhen fa was progressing slowly as everyone was fussed about each other relationship. Xiao Bao finally confessed his love to Xiao Long Nu.

I guess at the end Ling Hu will be with Ying Ying, it's obvious that he can't be with Jian Ning anymore because Jian Ning likes Guo Jing. But poor thing for Liu Xiang, he likes Ying Ying so much but still couldn't get her heart.

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