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[News] Ai Dao Di - 4 love stories in 1 movie

[2008-09-16] Chinese movies has now moving into the youth direction, 4 directors: Fang Wen Shan, Jiu Ba Dao, Huang Zi Jiao and Chen Yi Xian will cooperate filming "Ai Dao Di" a movie which talks about 4 different love story.

Hong Kong Filmko Holdings owner Wang Hai Feng planned filming 6 to 8 Taiwanese movies within 3 years time. First coming movie "Ai Dao Di" invested 50 millions , invited 4 different new directors each filming one story and put into one movie. 4 story filming will start at the end of October, estimated airing next year's valentine day.

Fang Wen Shan's story is called "Lian Ming Dou Bu Yao De Ren (連命都不要的人)" about 2 different couples' relationship changes before and after filming one MV. Casts includes: Tammy Chen, Annie Liu and Alan Kuo.

Huang Zi Jiao's story is called "Di 6 Hao Liu Hai Nan Sheng (第六號劉海男生)" about Tracy Zhou chasing after 6 guys with fringe. Casts includes: Makiyo, Alec Su, Ken Zhu, Lu Yi Ching and 2 member of Bang Bang Tang. Huang Zi Jiao hoping to film it like a new year movie, where it's full of happiness and tension.

Chen Yi Xian's story is called "Wo Ai Ni, Zai Jian (我愛你,再見)" about Ethan Ruan who is a car racer stuntmen died in an accident after the fight with his girlfriend, Alice Tseng who is a stewardess.

Jiu Ba Dao is the most looked forward director out of the 4 by others. After seeing "Hai Jiao Qi Hao" he invited Van Fan to act. He especially changed the main lead into a singer and story is called "San Sheng You Xing (三聲有幸)" is about 3 guys have the same kind of voice. Casts includes: Lai Ya Yan and Peter Ho.

Translated by Choco-late

By the look of the 4 different stories none of them seem really attractive and interesting but need to wait for more information about it first. Wang Zi and Mao Di is in Huang Zi Jiao's "Di 6 Hao Liu Hai Nan Sheng". The name of the story sounds funny and it's one girl chasing after 6 guys, so who will she pick at the end? I laugh if Wang Zi and Mao Di is acting as brothers in the movie, it will be so cool.

I'm more and more excited about this movie, too bad they said it's planned to aired next year's valentine day. Meaning I have to wait until next year.


haiyenn says
9 February 2009 at 3:29 pm

yeah that'll be funny, wang zi and mao di acting as brothers x]
cant wait for this movie. hope its better then it seems.
valentines day, 5 more days to go !